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Canadian Environment Week is June 1 – 7 (2 – 6 for the business week). The City of Calgary will celebrate in various ways, including the Mayor’s Environment Expo and the annual Commuter Challenge.
We checked in with our members, to find out what they are doing to mark this national week of awareness:

We hold the “Great Energy Challenge” for the week for the tenants – the tenants that conserve the most energy per floor during the week,  win a free lunch for their floor (measured by our sub-metering system).  We also host a Commuter Challenge breakfast one day of the week to acknowledge anyone who has walked, biked, carpooled or taken transit into work.  The breakfast consists of a muffin, cheese, and fruit cup.
– Livingston Place, Bentall Kennedy (Canada) LP

Bentall Kennedy has a commitment to be a leader in sustainability. Find out more about their tenant only Great Energy Challenge and Commuter Challenge breakfast.
There’s still time to get involved. Find out more information and opportunities to get involved!
-Submitted on behalf of the BOMA Calgary Environment, Occupational Health & Safety Committee