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Join a BOMA committee! Build your professional development skills, learn more about the industry (and have a lot of fun).

The heart of the organization

BOMA committee members exude expertise and passion for the industry.

They channel it into the resources, publications, professional development opportunities and direction for the organization.

There are 9 standing committees and at least three ad hoc subcommittees which are project based. If there is a product, service or publication provided by BOMA, there is likely a committee behind it!


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If you have a passion for the commercial real estate industry, love to learn and meet new people, and want to enrich your career in a fresh way, consider joining a BOMA committee! Apply Now!



This talkative group advises and directs the editorial and layout for the weekly BOMA Calgary eNews, quarterly newsletter BOMA Calgary News in Business in Calgary magazine and the annual BOMA Building Guide.

They advise on how and who to communicate with in the industry. They are also responsible for the 2012 book, Building on the Bow: Landmarks in Calgary Commercial Real Estate.

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Supporting Member Council (SMC)

A big part of the BOMA membership is the service and supply members – those who provide the support, expertise and products that help owners and managers run their buildings.

This team does whatever is required to support this group, continually looking for ways to create and maintain membership value. They are behind such projects as the Service Directory, property management discussion panels and the various sponsorship options.


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Environmental Occupational Health & Safety Committee (EH&S)

This fiery group of members are all about how to minimize the industry impact on the environment by providing resources to members and educating the industry on the BOMA BEST program.

Occupational health is also a part of their mandate and they work with the Alberta Government’s Partnership Program, which promotes the Certificate of Recognition (COR) program. They are also the team behind the Recommended Practices in Occupational Health and Safety: a guide for building owners and managers.

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Christmas Luncheon

They help to plan and execute the Annual Christmas Luncheon every year.

The Committee brainstorms and helps choose the theme, entertainment, , centerpieces, decor and prizes. They meet between September and January.

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The Bee-Clean BOMA Golf Classic is the tournament of the year, selling out in less than 30 minutes! This two course tournament brings out beginner and serious golfers alike, all for a day of networking and fun on the greens!

All of this is possible because the Golf Committee exists and is made up of hard working members who direct all aspects of the tournament. For over 30 years, this group has delivered an incredible day for BOMA members!

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Government Affairs

Planning and development, transit and transportation networks, assessment and taxation, building and fire codes – these issues are all in a day’s work for this committee! This group monitors municipal, provincial, legislative and regulatory environment.

They also inform and receive input from members and recommend industry positions to stakeholders. Committee members also represent the industry at City Council and its Standing Policy Committees.

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Industry Standards & Recognition Committee

More than just standard-setters, this group looks at ways to recognize members for their outstanding contributions to the industry. Their ongoing goal is focused on continuous improvement of all the BOMA Awards.

All their hard work culminates annually at the BOMA Excellence Awards, an evening to recognize the industry through various awards for building performance and customer service.

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Next Gen Committee

This is the under 35 set, an engaging group of young professionals who are bringing their youthful energy and passion for the industry to attract new talent to commercial real estate!

They are the face of BOMA and the industry at career fairs and external events, working to make sure people know their career options in this dynamic industry. They are the future leaders of the industry, flexing their considerable talents to promote and develop young members.

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Public Safety Committee

The roots of this committee include the 28th G8 Summit in 2002, where the committee helped owners and managers to keep their tenants and the public safe during protests in Calgary.

They communicate to members on safety and security and develop close relationships and partnerships with public authorities, including a role with the Calgary Emergency Management Agency (CEMA). Their subcommittees continue to build on these partnerships and have produced resources such as the Recommended Practices in Occupational Health and Safety: a guide for building owners and managers – Building Envelope Safety Supplement. Focused on providing resources, publications and life safety development, this committee is one safety-dedicated team.

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Mentorship Committee

This Committee plans content, recruits proteges and mentors, reviews content and applications, plans socials and brainstorms improvements that can be made to the BOMA Calgary’s Mentorship Program between cohorts. The Mentorship Program is offered annually from Fall to Spring.

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