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Building Operator Level 3

New to the industry

If you are looking to become a building operator, then we recommend taking the Building Operator Level 3 online course.

Building Operator Level 3 – Introduction to Building Operations is a great way to start your introduction to the industry! This 50 module program is equivalent to 30 hours of classroom instruction and allows users to take what they need, whether it be a refresh on a certain aspect of building operations or take the entire course in preparation for the Building Operator Level 2 – 5th Class Power Engineering Course.

The course covers safety training related to operation of a commercial building, Interpersonal, Computer, Administrative, Facility and Process Equipment, Rotating Equipment, Facility Maintenance and Construction. The students will also have to complete competencies before they successfully complete this program.


Upgrading Your Skills

If you are an existing operator, or are in a similar career, then you may wish to take the Self-Assessment module which will allow you to perform a gap analysis of your skills against the profile requirements. BOMA Calgary, in partnership with World ICU, has developed the Building Operator Self-Assessment, which recognizes your current experience and identifies areas that require training. If there are gaps you will be directed to the modules in the Building Operator Level 3 course, so that you can update your skills. Once you successfully complete the competencies within the self-assessment you do not need to take the online course.

Download Self Assessment Instructions



Once you have completed the self-assessment, you are eligible for validation of those skills by a BOMA Calgary approved Validator. Validators set their own fees for this third-party review.

Approved Validators


Building Operator Level 2

The Building Operator Level 2 prepares students for the 5th Class ticket and Provincial Exam, which are administered and issued by the Alberta Boiler Safety Association (ABSA). They also issue a provincial license to persons who satisfy their requirements.

Building operators are in high demand in the industry, and BOMA Calgary is helping to prepare educated and competent operators.

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BOMA Energy Training Program

This program is designed to enable building operations personnel to understand basic energy principles, identify energy reduction opportunities, develop strategies and influence stakeholders to adopt energy saving practices. The program highlights energy management opportunities, both operations and through capital projects. BOMA Energy Training supports the principles of BOMA BEST. Click here for more info.