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The Municipal Government Act is the enabling legislation for municipalities across Alberta, and has significant consequences on the way cities plan development and tax their citizens and businesses. Last year the Provincial Government announced their intention to review the Act, at which time BOMA kicked into gear working with BOMA Edmonton to hold industry workshops, and producing two White Papers outlining the industry’s key issues. BOMA members met with and presented the White Papers to a series of provincial and municipal stakeholders, and attended consultation sessions across the Province. We then gathered all the information and feedback from these meetings and looked to see where the White Papers could be refreshed before they were officially submitted to the Province.
We are pleased to be able to share with you the latest, and final draft of the White Papers. Click here for the Taxation & Assessment White Paper, or click here for the Municipal & Regional Planning White Paper.
These White Papers are the culmination of a year long process through the Ad Hoc Committee on Municipal Affairs, which was a partnership between BOMA Calgary and BOMA Edmonton. BOMA has really put its best foot forward with these White Papers, and they will serve us well as we continue working with the Province to ensure the legislation leads to a tax system that is fair and transparent, and municipal and regional planning that is effective, professional, and independent.