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Dustin_Engel_Headshot_Colour_WebHow long have you been an active member of BOMA Calgary’s Board of Directors?

Joined the BOMA Calgary board in January 2013.

How does your current occupation or field of employment align with BOMA?

I work for Alberta Infrastructure (Government of Alberta) in their Property Management Branch as Environmental / Energy Manager. I oversee our organization’s energy management program and various sustainability initiatives.

What attracted you to the role of Director?

Being a director on the Board of BOMA Calgary is a great opportunity to serve in a strategic capacity for an organization that’s involved in some very worthy initiatives. As a BOMA Calgary member, first, I saw value in the types of programs the organization was providing and I wanted to be a part of leading that.

 What value have you personally and professionally experienced by being on the Board?

Personally, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some amazing individuals on the board who I’ve learned a lot from. It’s been a tremendous mentorship opportunity. Professionally, being on the board opens up a larger network of professionals for you to draw from when you have questions about a particular problem or how to implement something in your own organization.

What are your goals for the BOMA Board in 2015?

The Board has put in a lot of effort over the past year or so into initiating alignment of its priorities with Edmonton (i.e. “BOMA in Alberta”) and BOMA Canada. I think there’s been a lot of really good progress made towards collaboration with these groups and I’d like to see us continue to build on that in 2015. Our efforts towards partnerships and collaboration have extended to other non-BOMA organizations as well (e.g. the City, NAIOP, etc.) I want to see continued growth in the area of environmental stewardship for existing buildings. Our membership has shown incredible leadership in this area and I think it’s the role of our Board and BOMA Canada to ensure our industry has the programs and resources in place to continue supporting this movement. In particular, there are some really exciting upgrades to the BOMA BESt program that are currently in the works.

Describe your ideal day off of work.

Well, it begins with my wife and I going for breakfast at one of Calgary’s many great Diners (probably Galaxy on 11th Street) – since we’re talking about the “ideal” day there are NO line-ups! Then it’s straight to the mountains for a full day of either skiing (winter) or hiking (summer). Afterwards I’d seek out a natural hot springs for a relaxing soak. The remainder of the day/evening would be spent with friends over a pint (or two) at a local brewery.

Posted on behalf of the BOMA Communications Committee