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On May 28th, the BOMA Calgary Breakfast Series continued with a presentation by Patricia Evans, Principal of Sizeland Evans Interior Design Inc. Hosted by BOMA, with venue provided by Hines Canada, Patricia presented “Creating AA Space in a B Building” to a group of BOMA members.
Patricia presented the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and the threats faced by owners and operators of aging buildings in Calgary.  By identifying the biggest threat to B buildings, a renovated B class building, she provided detailed insight on what owners and managers can do to ensure their buildings stay competitive with the influx of AA buildings coming on stream downtown in the next 2-3 years.
Surprisingly, Pat’s first recommendation didn’t involve interior design. Infrastructure was first and foremost on Pat’s list, stressing updated HVAC, security, and elevator systems are priority.  “You can have the best looking design, but if people are too cold, feel unsafe or are stuck in elevators, it’s not going to help you attract and retain tenants,” joked Evans.
To help demonstrate how desigHBIn changes can help improve older buildings, Patricia presented before and after photos of recent project work. Sizeland Evan’s own office was used to demonstrate minor changes with major impact in downtown office space, while in Field Law’s amazing transformation of their heritage building offices in downtown’s Lougheed Building, showed how any space can be revived. HBI – Heritage Business Interiors’ new office and client showroom demonstrated how a warehouse and manufacturing plant can be converted into a stylish and modern office space. Attendees witnessed a 3D animated fly through of how one can update public and atrium spaces of older buildings without having to touch any of the architecture.
This Breakfast Series presentation was well received by all who attended, paving the way for more to come in the Fall of 2014.
– Submitted on behalf of the BOMA Communications Committee