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Property management positions can be varied depending on the company and the services they provide to their clients. Sometimes we’re asked about when a property manager needs to be licensed. We checked in with the Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA) to find out more.
Do property managers need to be licensed?
Owners who manage their own properties and property managers who are directly employed by owners don’t need to be licensed. However, under the Real Estate Act, property managers who perform certain services on behalf of another need to be licensed. To be licensed as a property manager, you must be employed by a real estate brokerage that provides property management services and the brokerage is the company through which these services are provided. The property management services which require a license include:

  • Offering, attempting to collect, or collecting rents on behalf of the owner or other person in charge of real estate.
  • Leasing, or offering to lease real estate, negotiating or approving, or offering to negotiate or approve, a lease or rental of real estate.
  • Holding money received in connection with any of the above activities.
  • Advertising, negotiating, or carrying out any other activity, directly or indirectly, to further any of the above activities.

How do property managers become licensed?
Under the Real Estate Act, the Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA) licenses property managers. To become licensed as a property manager you must meet the eligibility requirements and pre-licensing education requirements set by RECA. Eligibility requirements are described on the RECA website. Pre-licensing education for property managers includes two courses: Fundamentals of Real Estate and Introduction to a Career in Property Management. If you’ve earned a Real Property Administrator (RPA) or Certified Property Manager (CPM) designation and your designation is current, you may apply to RECA for an exemption from completing the second course.
Where can I find out more about becoming licensed?
For further information on how to become licensed as a property manager, please visit the RECA website. You can also contact the Education HelpDesk by emailing or by calling 403-228-2954. Outside of Calgary call toll free at 888-425-2754. The Education HelpDesk is happy to provide you with further information and answering your questions on how to become licensed.

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