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Every person has a story, about who they are, where they come from and who they want to be. People express who they are and how they feel about themselves through the colours they wear, fashion purchases, style of hair, the way they talk. Many of those expressions are by choice – they are how we each tell our own story without saying anything at all. And sometimes, we’re expressing our story without even knowing how or why.
A brand is very much like that. It is about putting together many words, ideas and concepts and distilling it down to a tagline, a positioning statement, a colour palette and a logo. These are the expressions of an organization – in this case like an individual, who picks the colours and styles that best convey the message of who she/he is.
As cheesy as it sounds, brands – strong ones at least – are about more than a logo, they are about a feeling. A popular example is Nike. The ‘Swoosh’ logo is one piece of the brand; it conveys what the brand stands for in one succinct image. The name ‘Nike’ is not even included with the Swoosh in many cases, there is no need for it – the logo now stands on its own. As does Apple, Chanel and Canadian Tire. Each of these brands/concepts/products has a story – of how they came to be and what they represent. When you look at the logo, you have a feeling, strong or weak, but it’s conveying something. What the logo is conveying is the brand – the story, the idea and the action.
BOMA Calgary’s logo hasn’t changed. It still conveys its history in the industry; its roots as an integral part of the commercial real estate industry. Much like its industry, the logo is solid, strong, and foundational. Just like the buildings our members own, manage and occupy.
Now the brand has evolved, and builds on the foundation of the logo – the story has always been told, it has always been there – but BOMA is now making it well known, taking all the concepts, ideas, stories and audiences which were known but disparate, and distilling it down into its key messages.
The new BOMA Calgary Tagline


The BOMA Calgary Positioning Statement
These are only corporate words to describe the collection of ideas and images telling you who BOMA Calgary is and where we want to be.
So what does our brand tell you? Only you know, but we have some ideas –
BOMA Calgary speaks to its audience in an engaging way – through interaction and community; it is vibrant and connected with its members and the industry. It’s an organization which contributes to the relationships and growth of the industry.
Some of that might have resonated with you, maybe only with one word.
The next time you think about a brand, and how communications professionals take brands and their graphics so seriously, think about who you are, as an individual, and how you represent yourself. You defend your identity by being yourself every day, and you express that identity through your various activities and choices. It’s just like that.
We are expressing what you already know. Tell the story.

~ Lia Robinson