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Green Building with Jerry Yudelson

May 20, 2014

This month saw Jerry Yudelson, “the Godfather of Green” present to a local crowd on lessons for green building. Yudelson began by explaining the context for green building.

Cash in on Your Business Innovations

April 30, 2014

Are you one of the many Green Corps missing out on significant tax savings? Many businesses develop innovative ways to overcome everyday problems, but did you know that some of your solutions could qualify as research and development (R&D)?

BOMA BESt Healthcare

April 28, 2014

BOMA Canada is pleased to announce the development of its sixth BOMA BESt module – BOMA BESt Healthcare! The Healthcare Sector in Canada is committed to reducing its ecological impact while also providing visitors and patients with an environment that facilitates healing.

Cogeneration: Surprises and Opportunities

April 24, 2014

On April 2, two members of Oxford Properties Group’s operations team provided a tour for the BOMA Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Committee. This wasn’t the usual mechanical room tour, but in fact a tour of Oxford’s newly installed Cogeneration Unit in one of the towers at Centennial Place.

A BOMA BESt Chat with Bentall Kennedy

April 17, 2014

 April is Environment Month; we checked in with BOMA member Art Skow, Vice President Property Management at Bentall Kennedy (Canada) LP, for his take on the BOMA BESt program. BOMA: How long have you been involved in the BOMA BESt program?

Desert Lessons in Water Conservation

April 15, 2014

Calgarians can learn a lot about water from folks that live in the desert. Water is a precious and life-giving resource that requires careful management. California’s Coachella Valley where Palm Springs is located is at the transitional point of both the Sonoran and Colorado Deserts.

The Cycle Lifestyle

April 08, 2014

Right out of the chute: I acknowledge that I ride a bicycle. And I enjoy it. I do not however, ride my bike to work. It’s winter! On those days when the weather is sane, my work calendar permits and I am so inclined, I do ride to work.

A Waste Tour: EHS Committee Visits BFI Facility

April 01, 2014

This past February, BOMA Calgary’s Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) committee members toured the local BFI Canada plant to witness firsthand this organization’s recycling efforts. BFI supplies waste management solutions for the commercial, construction, industrial and residential sectors.