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Denmark Should Not Guide Calgary’s Transportation Policy

August 12, 2014

(Note: The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views or the positions of BOMA Calgary.) So, the Scandinavian visitors [] are perplexed by Canadians’ apparent car-dependency which was the subject of a recent article in the Calgary Herald [] .

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The Bicycle Debate

August 05, 2014

Editor’s note: this article was originally published in the BOMA Calgary News in the June 2014 edition of Business in Calgary.

Standards Help to Build a Great City

June 02, 2014

BOMA members build cities. And Calgary is one of them. Buildings, however, in and of themselves, do not make a good city. It is people who give a city its heart and soul. One way BOMA contributes to the greatness of our city as a trade association is by facilitating the development of standards.

The Cycle Lifestyle

April 08, 2014

Right out of the chute: I acknowledge that I ride a bicycle. And I enjoy it. I do not however, ride my bike to work. It’s winter! On those days when the weather is sane, my work calendar permits and I am so inclined, I do ride to work.

BOMA Cycle Track Survey: Have Your Say!

February 13, 2014

Cycle tracks have been front of mind over the past week as the City announced the entire plan for the downtown/Beltline network. BOMA sits on the Centre City Bicycle Projects Committee where we have been engaged with officials on this project.