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Updated 18:27 hrs.
If you have engaged professionals to control or support you re-energization, please consult with them on the suggestions below.
Prior to Switchover

  1. Communicate with your tenants and occupants to keep them apprised.
  2. Check whether your building requires manual operation to energize the systems or has an automatic process. Note: Automatic systems may require that a manual signal be sent to restore system operations.
  3. Ensure that your systems are completely disconnected (where possible) from main power (completely off the power grid).
  4. Check ventilation systems (building/tenant/parkade) to ensure ready to go online.
  5. Check Life Safety Systems (Fire Alarm) to ensure no deficiencies prior to energizing. You may require a Fire Watch during switchover.
  6. Ground and park elevators to ensure there are no safety issues during switchover
  7. Ensure building is secure.
  8. Consider having your electrical and mechanical contractors on site before to check fuses and provide any backup fuses.

During Switchover

  1. Communicate with your tenant occupants via email, online and phone to provide updates.
  2. Ensure the building is secure – no public access and staff are all accounted for in the building.
  3. Monitor switchgear and systems.
  4. If power does not come on in your building, contact ENMAX at 403-514-6100.

After Switchover

  1. Communicate with your occupants.
  2. Check the Building Maintenance System (BMS) as it may require a manual restart.
  3. Check Life Safety Systems (Fire Panel) to ensure it is operating normally with no deficiencies.
  4. Check Life Safety Systems to ensure batteries are recharging or are replaced as needed.
  5. Check ventilation systems (building/tenant/parkade) to ensure air quality is safe for people to reoccupy the building and that ventilation fans are functioning properly prior to allowing entry into parkades.
  6. Ensure the building is secure as needed.
  7. Check air vents for domestic water and heating systems for air buildup to the delivery system – running faucets and flushing toilets should help resolve this issue.
  8. Check sump pumps to ensure they are operating normally
  9. Check water systems and valves for leakage due to reduced pressures.
  10. Top up fuel tanks for emergency generators. Fuel delivery should be done in accordance with fire regulations.
  11. Ensure all food establishments have checked and removed spoiled goods and cleared fridges in small spaces. Alberta Health Services Inspectors will be visiting all food facilities, swimming pools and social care facilities to conduct inspections throughout the coming week.
  12. Advise occupants when it is safe to re-enter the building.

Additional information for owners, businesses and tenants is available here, and a Tenant Checklist, should you want to share it with your tenants once they access the building.
If you have any questions about power resumption and your buildings, contact us.