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The recent fire in Calgary’s downtown core happened on Saturday October 11 at approximately 8 pm, and has affected many of the commercial high-rise and residential locations in the west part of the downtown core. The power outage has been reduced to locations between 4th Ave. SW and 7th Ave. SW, from 6th Street SW, all the way West to the river. The expectancy of the power outage could be anywhere from 4 to 7 days, but will be reassessed daily.
BOMA Calgary representatives are in the Calgary Emergency Management Agency’s Emergency Operation Centre and are working to assist both City agencies and BOMA members.
If you have any questions or need to reach the BOMA representatives, please email
We will continue to update you as information is made available to us via CEMA. You can also find continuously updated information at
Additional information:
Calgary Police Service has a secured perimeter around the affected location, updates continue to brought to our attention and will be forwarded. Vehicles are limited to the locations, but they are allowing pedestrians to access the area and buildings. CPS states that the traffic situation should be cleared and open at approximately 11am this morning.
City of Calgary Water department is advising that they will be able to maintain a certain amount of water pressure to the buildings, but advise that properties requiring the use of generators, if not already on site, to contact us here at the EOC (403-531-8851) so we may assist in arranging for additional equipment.
Shaw services have been disrupted to some degree and for land line phone customers, 911 connections are not operational. City of Calgary 911 Emergency Services continues to be in operation.
Update provided by the BOMA EOC Team

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