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Corrine_Jackman_Headshot_Colour_WebAs part of our ongoing focus on professions in the industry, this week we catch up with Corrine Jackman, Vice President at Hopewell Real Estate Services.
With over 30 years in the property management industry; with emphasis on a wide range of properties ranging from Medical Facilities, Office Towers, Retail, and Industrial, Corrine Jackman volunteers as a Board Member since 2010.
1.        How long have you been an active member of BOMA’s Board of Directors?
Corrine Jackman: Three years
2.        How does your current occupation or field of employment align with BOMA?
CJ: Absolutely aligns with my everyday practice inside of Hopewell Real Estate Services Inc., from our BOMA BESt programs, networking, updates on special real estate projects inside YYC, keeping abreast of new municipal and provincial initiatives, and keeping current on what local companies are doing with their real estate. Hopewell has real estate in several Cities outside of Calgary so having visibility into this information has been very valuable.
3.        What attracted you to the role of Director?
CJ: The aforementioned and I do believe it is a positive way to give back to the real estate community.
4.        What value have you personally and professionally experienced by being on the Board?
CJ: I have personally developed some very nice friendships while on the board that I otherwise probably wouldn’t have.  Professionally, every year I learn of very relevant issues affecting this city and the province, ie.,the revision of the MGA, the revision of the Property Taxes in Calgary to include Business Taxes and best practices associated with BOMA BESt.
5.        What are your goals for the BOMA Board in 2015?
CJ: To continue to encourage young professionals to join BOMA through increased awareness and improve communication between the existing BOMA Committees and the Board.
6.        Describe your ideal day off of work or hobby or leisure activity you participate to unwind.
CJ: For me it is golf and I paint …oil paintings.
Posted on behalf of the BOMA Communications Committee