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Chris_Nasim_Headshot_Colour_WebAs part of our ongoing focus on professions in the industry, this month we catch up with Chris Nasim, Senior Director, Asset Management at GWL Realty Advisors.
How long have you been an active member of BOMA’s Board of Directors?
I’m going into my 4th year as a director.
How does your current occupation or field of employment align with BOMA?
As an advisor representing institutional level owners, we own, manage and develop Class A real estate in most major markets in Canada. As an Asset Manager within GWL Realty Advisors, we are accountable for the operations and performance of each asset under management.
What attracted you to the role of Director?
I really enjoy strategic thinking at a broad level about our industry and the regions within which we work. It is sometimes hard to see the forest through the trees, and I enjoy the ability to add strategic value to a broad organization that has a direct impact on our day to day.
What value have you personally and professionally experienced by being on the Board?
The value I’ve experienced is multi-fold; I get to work with really smart and engaging peers in the industry that normally my day to day role might not have any involvement with. I also get to be part of discussion and solutions on key issues within the industry that again, my day to day role might not get involved in. I also enjoy giving back to our community and industry through volunteering my time in these areas that interest me.
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What are your goals for the BOMA Board in 2015?
As part of the executive in 2015, our primary goal is to see the successful transition of a new leader of BOMA Calgary. Ensuring the BOMA programs are consistently delivered through this change is important, as well as ensuring the strategic direction of our committees and dedicated staff are aligned with our strategic plan completed in 2014.
Describe your ideal day off of work or hobby or leisure activity you participate to unwind.
The ideal way for me to unwind is to go for a solo backcountry camping trip in the mountains. With all the hustle and bustle of our days and weeks, both at work and as a father of two very active boys, the ability for me to go camp on a side of a mountain by myself, completely unconnected and with only what’s in my pack to live off of, is highly relaxing and rejuvenating for me.
Posted on behalf of the BOMA Communications Committee