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The BOMA Mentorship program for property management professionals is now in its third year. We checked in with a few of the participants who have recently completed the 2013-2014 program to find out more!
Today, we’re speaking with Teddi Sholter, Assistant Property Manager with Hines Management Canada, and a Protege in the mentorship program.
BOMA Calgary (B): How did you get into commercial real estate? Was there a defining moment or key person in your life that influenced you most in your career path?
Teddi Sholter (TS): I came over from working in the residential real estate field, and found the challenges and variety of tasks and opportunities in commercial real estate to be very rewarding. My initial role was on the Development side of the “world” and Hines Vice President John Frank was a particularly strong influence in my love of the industry and feeling a strong sense of loyalty and pride in the company itself. Even though I started out as an Administrative Assistant and felt like I was fairly low on the totem pole, Mr. Frank made me feel as though I was essential and so I took a great amount of pride in everything I did.
B: Why do you feel mentorship is important?
TS: It is extremely important to feel that your contribution matters, and that someone out there sees the potential in you and is willing to share their experiences and knowledge to help further you in your personal and professional goals. Lifting people up and encouraging their growth has great benefits to both parties involved.
B: What would you advise or suggest for the future leaders of the industry?
TS: Take the time to focus on staff; have patience and adjust your methods if you need to for different personality types. Everyone has something to offer… I think it’s cracking the code and being willing to give a little on both sides to get the best out of each employee that is vital. For me, seeing that my boss truly wanted me to succeed made me want to succeed that much more.
B: What has been your biggest takeaway from the mentorship program?
TS: I’ve learned that the challenges I’m facing aren’t new – someone out there has been through this and has found solutions and methods for many of the scenarios that come up. I’ve also learned that while there is a big-wide-world of commercial real estate, it’s also a rather small world in each city / community, and keeping key contacts and helping one another out in times of need makes this a very friendly industry to be in. I’m so glad to have participated in this program, and especially to have met Barb [my mentor], who I think I will have a lasting friendship with in years to come. I sincerely appreciate the deep well of knowledge I have been able to draw from.
– The 2014/2015 Mentorship program will begin this fall; applications are now available.
– Submitted on behalf of the BOMA Communications Committee