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The BOMA Mentorship program for property management professionals is now in its third year. We checked in with a few of the participants who have recently completed the 2013-2014 program to find out more!
Today, we catch up with Armelle Kilpatrick, Property Manager, Dream Unlimited Corp. and a Mentor in the program.
How did you get into commercial real estate? Was there a defining moment or key person in your life that influenced you most in your career path?
Commercial Real Estate was a spin off from my career in Residential Real Estate management. The opportunity came to me as part of new additions to our portfolio and I was able to start managing a small building and opportunities grew from there.
Why do you feel mentorship is important?
Not having resources myself when I first became involved was difficult and I spent a lot of time researching ideas and concept that were new to me. This was challenging and I would have loved to have a resource in the industry to bounce things off and extend my networking opportunities.
What would you advise or suggest for the future leaders of the industry?
Future leaders need to encourage new individuals to develop careers in Property Management,  we need  to continue to build our human resources and add vibrant new industry members.
-Submitted on behalf of the BOMA Communications Committee
Image courtesy of Dreamstime