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The BOMA Mentorship program for property management professionals is now in its forth year. This month, we interview the mentorship pairs to discuss their experiences and thoughts on mentorship. Today, we catch up with Mike Teslak, Owner, Teslak Consulting  & Richard Flaminian, Senior Building Operator, GWL Realty Advisors.
How did you get into commercial real estate? Was there a defining moment or key person in your life that influenced you most in your career path?
Mentor (Mike Teslak): As with most people I fell into the industry.  I was an out of work electrician and the last building I was involved in needed an operator.  I was hired and moved into a building supervisor, project manager, facility manager and to a senior operations manager role.  There wasn’t one person that influenced me but there were a few managers that I really looked up to.  They were good managers that I have tried to emulate and hopefully have done so.
Protégé (Richard Flaminian): I got into commercial real estate through my current Property Manager, Laural Unwin. Laural and I have known each other since I moved to Canada 12 years ago. She inspired and guided me on my career path. Sometimes she pushed me to the limits but I’m always up to the challenge, and it is working well for me.
Why do you feel mentorship is important?
MT: Mentorship is important and can be carried out in a program like this or even in daily interaction.  It does provide a very good avenue for knowledge transfer.
RF: For me it is important because my mentor, Mike, guided me and gave me key pointers not only for my career path but in life as well.
What is the most significant thing you’ve learned from this experience?
MT: I think the most significant thing is the passion that some of the people have for the industry and how they are approaching their careers.
RF: There is always time for everything, enjoy it.
Did this program provide value to you?
MT: I would say it has as.  It gave me the chance to see how the new workers are approaching their careers.
RF: Yes
What would you advise or suggest for the future participants of BOMA Mentorship program?
MT: I would suggest that anyone who is involved keep an open mind and try to council rather than direct their protégés.
RF: I know life and work is always busy but take time to attend to the sessions, you will always learn something valuable in life and work.
Submitted on behalf of the BOMA Communications Committee