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On April  9, 2015, a packed room at the Fairmont Palliser yet again, we all eagerly awaited to hear from the seven time speaker Todd Hirsch about the future of our economy here in Alberta.

Todd did a fantastic job of presenting economics in a palatable way, using pictures of sticky notes apparently around his house to use as PowerPoint launch points into his various points and splashes of humor to lighten the topic of economic situations across the globe. Todd extended a message of optimism with oil prices projected to see modest rises by the end of the year, as well as explaining why forestry, agriculture, and tourism should have a strong year.
As usual, it was a pleasure meeting people from all types of companies and positions involving property management, and if there’s ever a question of the validity of these meetings you really should take the opportunity to come to next months luncheon as they sell out fast.  Good food, fantastic networking opportunities, and even better speakers, you really owe it to yourself to check out a BOMA luncheon.
May’s luncheon is right around the corner, but the 50th anniversary reception on April 23rd is coming up quick, I hope to see you there!
Jon Holmes, BOMA Member