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Canadian Environment Week is June 1 – 7 (2 – 6 for the business week). The City of Calgary will celebrate in various ways, including the Mayor’s Environment Expo and the annual Commuter Challenge. We checked in with our members, to find out what they are doing to mark this national week of awareness:

Did you know one-third of the food you eat depends upon pollination, including almonds, apples, berries, cucumbers and melons?  Honey bees have an important role in contributing a service that helps provide us with variety and more nutritious food.  Alberta Rural Development (ARD) will be presenting on how to increase bee activity in your neighbourhood at between 11:00-12:00pm in the JGO Building.
– Alberta Infrastructure

The Greening Government Team (including both the ARD ministry and Alberta Infrastructure ministry) sends out an email to Alberta employees each day during Environment Week, with a Tip of the Day, such as the one above. During this time they also ask employees to fill out an annual survey for the Team and remind everyone of the Commuter Challenge Alberta Infrastructure teams.
We’re halfway through Environment Week, which means there is still time to participate! Check out the Green Calgary guide to find out what you can do!
-Submitted on behalf of the BOMA Calgary Environment, Occupational Health & Safety Committee