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Since November 1, 2017, businesses and organizations in Calgary have been required to have waste diversion programs in place. Businesses and organizations in Calgary have the option to choose a service provider to collect their recycling, compost and garbage. Regardless of who the collection company is, there is a requirement to comply with the Waste Bylaw 4M2020. Calgary Community Standards (Bylaw) Officers conduct random inspections to ensure businesses are compliant with the current Waste Bylaw.

We recognize that businesses require our support over the coming months and that many business owners have been impacted by COVID-19. The City of Calgary is taking a balanced approach to both support businesses and apply the bylaws. If any businesses are found not compliant with the bylaw, an “education first” approach is the first course of action. The education-first approach creates awareness by providing information about the bylaw requirements and the steps that can be taken to ensure compliance.

During their visits, Bylaw Officers determine compliance with the Waste Bylaw, primarily ensuring that there are:

  • Onsite diversion programs for recycling and food and yard waste
  • Adequate containers for these materials to be deposited into for collection
  • Clear signage on these containers so that users know which containers to deposit materials into

For additional support including updated information, brochures and materials (including printable signage) please visit or call 311 and reference “business recycling”.

Nadine Sauder
Waste Diversion Specialist, Program Management, The City of Calgary
Submitted on behalf of the BOMA EH&S Committee