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When a tenant moved out, the vacated office was left with a large quantity of binders that the Brookfield team could not find homes for.  Rather than throwing them directly into the garbage, The Brookfield team decided to create a team building opportunity for staff to recycle 500 binders!
Prior to the event, some of the maintenance and operations staff drilled out the rivets of the metal spines from the binders.  They set up several work stations each with a stack of binders and three large recycling boxes labelled cardboard, plastic and metal.   These boxes were lined with a clear plastic bag for easy removal and replacement.  Several people were assigned to each work station and were provided with gloves and razor knives.  The process for disassembling the binders was to remove the entire metal spine and place it in the “metal” recycling box.  Utilizing the knife, the plastic cover was removed and placed in the “plastic” recycling box and the remaining cardboard that was inside the plastic covering was placed in the “cardboard” recycling box.  Several staff were needed at each work station to continuously replenish the stack of binders, remove the filled recycling boxes and replace the plastic bags.  The filled plastic bags were put on dollies and taken to the loading dock for pick-up by Waste Management. The team was able to recycle approximately 500 binders in an hour with approximately 40 people.
Submitted on behalf of the BOMA Communications Committee