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On Thursday May 3, BOMA Calgary hosted the 2018 TransCanada BOMA Excellence Awards at the Westin Calgary Hotel. The BOMA Excellence Awards recognize individual achievements as well as the teams that are responsible for high performing buildings in and around the Calgary area, no matter the size, age, or occupancy type. The best of the best in the industry were all there to celebrate their accomplishments. Brookfield team won the Property Management Team of the Year Award & Building Operations Team of the Year and Tom Kostek received the Building Operator of the Year Award. Below is an interview with Teddi Gault, Property Manager at Brookfield Property Partners. We asked Teddi what the award meant for her team.

BOMA: Why did you decide to submit for the Awards this year?
Teddi: Our team had been through an extremely busy year, but had still managed to achieve everything put in front of us and then some. We felt like our cohesiveness, and consistency with our delivery to our tenants despite the changes to our team, showed how well we had come together, bonded and quickly set common goals.
BOMA: What benefit, if any, did you find going through the Awards process?
Teddi: It was extremely beneficial for me as a new-comer to Brookfield and to Suncor Energy Centre to get to dive in to the submission process. It helped me to get to know the team and the building that much better, and really helped to bring our team of new and existing employees together.

BOMA: How has the winning in these two awards affected your team?
Teddi: Your clients or organization? We are extremely proud! To have won both Property Management Team of the Year and Operations Team of the Year really means the world. It showed us that our hard work and effort had paid off, and demonstrated to our clients, senior management and ownership that we are committed and working with a true team mentality.
BOMA: What would you say to a company or team that is thinking of entering the Awards next year?
Teddi: Definitely go for it! Regardless of the outcome, the exercise itself and the group effort required will bring your team closer together. It will also help identify any existing gaps in your current processes, procedures or ways of thinking amongst your team members. It raises great questions along the way. It’s truly an opportunity to improve, on top of demonstrating to the judges all of the ways you are already providing excellent service to your tenants.
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