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With summer just around the corner and bicycle parking filling up in buildings across Calgary, it is a great time to make tenants aware of bicycle theft and provide them with the information and resources to prevent it. Bicycle theft remains a problem across Calgary, but particularly in the downtown core. With that in mind BOMA Calgary and the Calgary Police Service have prepared two tools for building managers and tenants. The first is an 8 1/2″ x 11″ poster outlining a few simple tips for preventing bicycles from theft, as well as proactive steps that can help ensure a safe return if a bicycle does go missing. The second tool is a bicycle identification card that will make it easier to report, and hopefully recover a stolen bicycle. These resources are formatted so that all you need to do is send the files to a printer of your choice for hard copies that be placed in your buildings and provided to tenants.
A special thanks to the Calgary Police Service, The BOMA Calgary Public Safety Committee, and Victoria Shearer Gryffyn of i Level Design for making this project happen.