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On Thursday May 8, BOMA Calgary hosted the 2014 TransCanada BOMA Excellence Awards.
Over the next couple weeks we’ll check in with our recipients to find out what the award meant for their team!
Hugh Deas-Dawlish, Vice President, SerVantage Services Group
Recipient of the Pinnacle Award for Customer Service Award

BOMA (B): Why did you decide to submit for the Awards this year?
Hugh (H): Our largest client (Bentall Kennedy) put us forward for this award. They saw me presenting the award last year and told me that SerVantage deserved to be considered for that recognition. I thought it was a good way to see how we compared to other companies in the industry and a good exercise for our management team.
B: What benefit, if any, did you find going through the Awards process?
H: The process was very beneficial. It forced us as a company and management group to look at all our customer service programs and re-evaluate them. We wanted to make sure that what we were doing was effective and had value for our clients. What we discovered was that we had a lot of great programs in place, but we also realized that we were doing things that benefited our clients that we had not formalized or marketed. Ultimately going through this process has helped us improve our customer service programs beyond what they already were. We have always been a customer-centric company and this has really helped drive home to our team how important these programs are and why we put the customer first.
B: How has the winning in this category affected your team? Your clients or organization?
H: Winning has really brought our management team even closer together and there is a huge sense of enthusiasm that permeates the group right now. It is still early days and our team is a positive one anyway, but I really believe this will have long term benefits. When I spoke to some of our other clients, asking them for reference letters regarding our customer service to include in our submission, I was pleasantly surprised by all the positive feedback we received. We have also received many congratulations and clients telling us it was “well deserved” since winning the award. The impact has been felt in our Vancouver head office as well.
B: What would you say to a company or team that is thinking of entering the Awards next year?
H: I would tell them that it’s a lot of work, but extremely well worth the effort. Even if you don’t win, going through the process will only make your company stronger. I would highly recommend any company considering doing this to take the plunge. Finally I would say that although you can register yourself for this award I would suggest that you have a client put you forward (especially because it is for Customer Service) if they feel comfortable doing so.
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-Submitted by the Communications Committee