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On Thursday May 8, BOMA Calgary hosted the 2014 TransCanada BOMA Excellence Awards.
Over the next couple weeks we’ll check in with our recipients to find out what the award meant for their team!
Dale Zawyrucha, General Manager, Aspen Property Management Ltd.
Recipient of Property Management Team of the Year

BOMA (B): Why did you decide to submit for the Awards this year?
Dale (D): We decided to enter the category of Property Management Team of the Year because we truly believe we are a great team, and wanted to confirm it through the BOMA Calgary judging process. Also, to be recognized by BOMA Calgary would truly be a pinnacle achievement.
B: What benefit, if any, did you find going through the Awards process?
D: We found a number of benefits for our team going through the awards process. Each team member now has a better understanding of the bigger picture and how we each contribute to the goals of the team. Collaborating to complete the submission and judges’ presentation materials provided a valuable learning experience, as it exposed everyone to different aspects of the management of the properties. And finally, the judges’ feedback provided us with areas to improve upon, which is very beneficial to the continuous growth of the team.
B: How has the winning in this category affected your team? Your clients or organization?
D: Winning this award has had a significant positive effect on our team’s morale. I have noticed increased confidence and pride, which reinforces the great work our team does every day. Our organization is also very proud of this accomplishment and supports marketing our achievement to our prospective tenants.
B: What would you say to a company or team that is thinking of entering the Awards next year?
D: Entering for a BOMA award is a lot of work, but very rewarding. Whether you win or lose, the process itself is a major team building project that can be built upon for many years by entering in the same award category or a new one. If you are fortunate enough achieve the award for your category, the industry recognition is overwhelming, more so than I would have imagined!
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-Submitted by the Communications Committee