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 April is Environment Month; we checked in with BOMA member Art Skow, Vice President Property Management at Bentall Kennedy (Canada) LP, for his take on the BOMA BESt program.
BOMA: How long have you been involved in the BOMA BESt program?BOMA BEST Logo PMS
Art Skow: We’ve been involved with the BOMA BESt Program since its inception, when it was first called BOMA Go Green. We are proud to say that Bentall Kennedy was the first company in Canada to achieve BOMA Go Green for Industrial.
B: That’s a great accomplishment! How many of your buildings have been certified?
AS: Currently, we have 37 BOMA BESt certified buildings in Calgary, 220 in Canada all together.
B: I believe that makes you one of the top three companies with BOMA BESt certifications! Can you tell us why BOMA BESt was mandated for Bentall Kennedy?
AS: BOMA BESt has been chosen by Bentall Kennedy as way to demonstrate to our stakeholders (owners, clients and tenants) that we are committed to sustainability and implementing responsible property management practices. BOMA BESt is a relatively straightforward process and compliments standard policies Bentall Kennedy has already in place, which means we do not have to institute complicated policies and programs. We have found that the online tools are easy-to-use and can implement many of these strategies in house, without the use of outside consultants.
B: How has the certification benefited Bentall Kennedy?
AS: BOMA BESt has benefitted us greatly as it helps us to identify opportunities to improve our sustainability initiatives, creates a benchmark against other properties, and offers us ideas and ways to advance our sustainability strategy.
Thank you to our communications committee for interviewing, Art Skow of Bentall Kennedy!
Do you have a story to tell about your BOMA BESt experience? Let us know!